[SECC] 2006 GQP Plaque Status

Tommy aldermant at alltel.net
Tue May 16 07:47:50 EDT 2006

The final scoring for this year's GQP should be completed very soon, 
thanks to some really good work by NE4S.

When Mike post the GQP scoring results, I would like to have all 
winning plaques completed and mail to the winners within two weeks of 
the scoring post. At this time, most everyone has been very diligent 
in sending me the funding for the plaque that they have sponsored. 
However a few (five) have it 'slip through the cracks'!

I would appreciate it if I could receive funding for the below listed 
plaques within the next two weeks. If funding for these plaques are 
not received, we will have to embarrassingly either convert the 
plaques to certificates or find other means to support the cost. 
After all of the hard work and great publicity the GQP generated, I 
sure would hate to have to make that substitution.

Mixed GA. QRP

Mixed DX High Power


Phone DX Low Power


Please make your checks out to: Chester T. Alderman
and mail it to:

498 Nichols Lane
Hahira, Ga. 31632

A big thanks to the GQP sponsors. It was terrific to see how well our 
'new' GQP was supported this year, especially with the many new 
categories that were added. Thank you all.

Tom - W4BQF 

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