[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Weekend's Contests

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 17 13:37:59 EDT 2006

1.  CQ M DX Contest
N4GG     241  61  41,175  5:30  SOABCWHP  SO2R
K4BAI    206  60  30,660  7:35  SOABCWHP

2.  Mid Atlantic QSO Party
Call  CW Q  Ph Q  Mults  Score    Time    Category
N4PN  68    412   165    108,570  22      SOLP
K4ZGB 35    0     20       3,360   7      SOHP
K4BAI 32                                  Check log only

3.  FISTS Spring Sprint
K4BAI 51                                  Check log only

Important lesson:  Check the rules before every contest to see if there
is a power limit (and also check for a band change time limit).  In both
MAQP and the FISTS Sprint, I read in the rules while operating the
contest that power was limited in MAQP to 100 watts and in the FISTS
even to 200 watts.  It was too late to comply with the rules, so I sent
in a check log only.

Tonight will be the NAQCC QRP Sprint.  Tomorrow night, there will be the
usual NCCC NS NA Sprint Practice Ladder.  I will be in Dayton Thursday
and hope that someone else will give out the GA mult on each band.

Also this weekend:  US Counties QSO Party (SSB) all 48 hours of Sat and
Sun UTC; King of Spain CW contest, 12Z Sat to 12Z Sun (work only EA-EH
stations); CWJF 15Z Sat to 2359Z Sun, open to both SA and NA stations
for the first time this year.

Sunday night local will be the monthly Flying Pigs QRP contest Run for
the Bacon.  It is 01-03Z Monday UTC.  I mentioned it last week as
occuring last Sunday night because WA7BNM got the dates mixed up on his
calendar.  I was 70 minutes into a very slow contest when K7TQ informed
me that the web page said it was a week later.  I had checked the
webpage late last week and it still had the April dates up.  WA7BNM has
now made the correction on his calendar (at my request).

Hope to see a lot of you around the contest and DX activities in Dayton.


John, K4BAI.

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