[SECC] Additional Opportunity to attend WRTC and operate M/S

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 22 11:24:35 EDT 2006

Dear WRTC2006 Visitors

Due to Requests and interest among the Visitors, the WRTC2006 Committee 
now opens a new possibility for those that are interested to join the 
Multi-Single Multi-National (MN MS) Teams. The conditions are the following:
  - You have to be seroiusly interested, this will cause us extra work 
that we are pleased to do, but no drop-outs please!
  - No previous WRTC2006 Application is required
  - If too many wants to participate, the WRTC2006 Committee, reservs 
the right to limit the number of new participants. Limitations will be 
in order of sequence as received by me at address thomascarl at gmail.com. 
If you send it to some other address, I may get it later and you may not 
secure a place.
  - The number of new places is not yet known and may be very limited as 
we have not yet coordinated with the Host-Stations.
  - In case you have not sent in an application before. Please make a 
brief listing of your contest experience: Contest, CW/SSB, Year, 
Category, Place in result-list. List any contest, for some of the 
contests you can use http://www2.ictecsolutions.com.br/wrtc2006/ and how 
to use it is at http://www.wrtc2006.com/site/instructions.html
  - We also need: EMail address where we always can reach you, Postal 
Mailing address and your Passport Data (No., Date of Issue, Issuing 
Country, Name and Family name as in passport). Passport data is required 
if you are coming from country where you need Invitation Letter for Visa 
and have not fixed it yet, or if you plan to bring equipment - you need 
our letter for temporary import to Brazil.
  - Note that MN MS Participation does not change your status for the 
hotel-booking, you will still be "Visitor".
  - Deadline for this application is 25 May 2006, 23:59 GMT. No requests 
regarding your status will be answrerd before this date.
  - For those that will be selected. Do not forget to soonest coordinate 
with your host and change air-ticket and hotel booking accordingly - if 

73, Thomas Carlsson, PY2ZXU/SM0CXU
WRTC2006 Assistant to Oms, PY5EG

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