[SECC] WPX CW This Weekend

Tommy aldermant at alltel.net
Tue May 23 13:19:36 EDT 2006

Yup, now that most of the work is done on the GQP plaques, I'm going 
to be using my broken down 80m dipole on 20/40/80m, while at the same 
time trying to learn and use N1MM Logger for the first time. So when 
you hear some guy fumbling really bad to make some Q's....just ignore me.

Tom - W4BQF

PS...I'm not squealing or anything like that, but keep your eyes on 
the GQP web site tonight... :-)

At Tuesday 11:50 AM 5/23/2006, you wrote:

>    Haven't heard much chatter on the reflector. Is everyone still 
> recoving from Dayton ?
>    Anyone else doing WPX CW this weekend NQ4I ?? etc...  ???  I 
> will be SOLP trying to get
>   as many hours in between watching the kids.
>   73, Jeff
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