[SECC] GQP Scores are Posted

Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 07:54:24 EDT 2006

Yes, the 2006 GQP scores are done and posted.
  It is one day short of two weeks after deadline...  we beat our two week estimate.
  The final count was 171 logs in the party with 22,500 (+) QSOs.  
  This is well up from last year.  
  The web site has been re-worked to put scores at the top of the navagation menu.
  There is a full layout of score detail.  
  I put up a warning for DialUp viewers, as some of the pages be long to load.  As I am on 26.4 Kb, I know first hand.  But I claim it is worth the wait.
  I hope you like the new score section.
  My Thanks to....  SECC, SEDXC, and all the plaque sponsors.
  Thanks to John, K4BAI for his work getting the postal mail logs into Cabrillos well before the deadline making a quick turn possible.
  Thanks to Tommy W4BQP for working the Plaques, checking my work, and making many contributions along the way.  He has the plaque order on the way, and will post the date he sends them out
  Tommy has been working some last minute plaque changes for a couple days, and we thank those sponsors who redirected their plaques for better coverage.
  Thanks to Jere KT4ZB for printing and mailing the Certificates.  He has all the certificate info in hand, and will post a date for Certificate mailing.
  Thanks to the ROVERS!
  In the off season, I will get the lweb load times much better.  I am pasting spread sheets into tables on the web pages, and will switch to straight text after working on the program output.  This should really help.
  I have done my best to insure accurate scores.  
  Contact me for any errors, We can fix almost anything.
  I will start my travel to AK on Sunday AM, and be out of contact for a week. 
  So, I will catch up on from Fairbanks in June.
  Thanks to all for participation and support for our Georgia QSO Party.  
  Mike,  NE4S

Please use ne4s at iham.us as my address.
Be well, 
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