[SECC] Passes to the ATL hamfest.

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Tue May 30 08:05:47 EDT 2006

I know many of you are planning to attend. The W4DOC club has  
graciously provided us with certificates for two free passes to the  
ATL hamfest at Jim Miller park. It is suggested we use these as "door  
prizes" at our next meeting.

Well, given that we are a slightly unconventional club, we're going  
to do this somewhat differently. The first two people who e-mail me  
claiming the certificates will get them.

In all likelihood, you'll have to meet me outside Jim Miller park in  
order to claim your certificate, and then fill it out before  
approaching the ticket booth.

Bill Coleman, AA4LR, PP-ASEL        Mail: aa4lr at arrl.net
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