[SECC] Need Icom Help

Dave - KB4ET kb4et at gtcom.net
Wed Dec 5 16:17:00 EST 2007

This Rx from a DX station that is looking for these two boards in order to 
repair damage. Could any of you determine from his note below which boards 
are required and maybe a part # and phone # to order. Please reply direct - 
mny tnx

dave - KB4ET (No savy Icom)
I-ve checked myself the IC756 and the 7000. For the 7000. it's OK, I was be 
able last week to repair it with Computer, switch, SMC components.
It was really not easy, too small. but Done .
About the 756proIII, vy hard, damage on the PA unit seem OK but couple of 
component does,nt work properly. Also the Main -A- Unit board have prob.
This two board receive more of 16vDC.
Then, tell me if Icom America will accept to sell this two complete board?

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