[SECC] Promotion of GQP 2008

Gary McConville wb4sq at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 7 15:49:45 EST 2007

Don't forget the GARS Jan Chili cookoff / ham radio show.  I'm sure
that the SEDXC guys would gladly allow table usage for GQP info.

--- John Laney <k4bai at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> Hello all:
> Probably we should have some more organized promotion of the Georgia
> QSO 
> Party than we have had in recent years.  There are four areas that I 
> used to promote the GQP in the 1960s through the 1980s when it was
> quite 
> successful without tremendous mobile participation, which has been
> the 
> heart of since the 1999 revival.
> 1.  Hamfest flyer promotion.  Handing out and making available at
> booths 
> flyers for the upcoming GQP.  Certainly the Kennehoochee hamfest
> takes 
> place before GQP, as it is in March.  There may be one or two others.
> We should have some promotinal flyers available and in the hands of
> club 
> attendees to be handed out as we meet people there and there should
> be a 
> stack of them at the SEDXC table.
> 2.  On-the-air promotion.  This can only be organized by
> announcements 
> on nets.  A brief, enthusiastic announcement to be made on local 2M
> nets 
> and on 75/80M traffic and emergency and ragchew nets can be very 
> effective.  I used to be active on all of the 75M nets, but am not
> any 
> more.  I can certainly send out a "QNC" (all net stations copy)
> message 
> on the GSN and GTN CW nets in the weeks before the contest.  Do we
> have 
> any members who could do the same for the Ga SSB net, the GA Tfc and 
> Emergency Net, the Ga Cracker Net, the Georgia Traffic Net (SSB), and
> other 75M nets?  Same for large metropolitan 2M nets?  I guess I
> could 
> do it on the Sunday morning (only) Cracker net of which I am still a 
> member after almost 53 years.  Otherwise, everyone should talk it up
> on 
> the air, particularly with other GA stations.
> 3.  I used to send personal letters to hams that I knew had stations
> and 
> could be on the air from counties that were not usually represented
> in 
> GQP.  I don't think this is necessary and the cost of such letters is
> much greater than in the past.  A few well chosen letters might help.
> I 
> even got K4EWG on for a GQP once.  In place of letters, we could have
> some e-mails sent on a personal basis.  Jeff, KU8E, and I have done a
> bit of this in the past.  You have to be careful in sending out
> e-mails 
> to a list as your server may limit the number of addressees. 
> Probably 
> NE4S could provide a list of calls of stations in state and out of
> state 
> that have participated in GQPs for which he has records.  We could
> try 
> to get their current e-mail addresses off QRZ.COM or other such data 
> bases and send out e-mails reminding of the current GQP, any rule 
> changes, any known mobile or portable operations, special awards,
> etc. 
> and encouraging participation.
> 4.  I used to have a short version of the rules (usually prepared for
> the ARRL Contest Corral, which no longer summarizes rules of
> contests) 
> that I would insert in envelopes with QSLs or other correspondence
> going 
> to GA and non-GA hams for months before the GQP.  As a QSL manager
> and 
> active ham, I send out a lot of envelopes to other hams and inclusion
> of 
> a GQP flyer would be very little trouble and might help activity. 
> Other 
> QSL managers (N4XP and other DXers) could do the same once we have a 
> short version of the rules that could be dowloaded and printed.
> We have tried to get out information to all the clubs in the state in
> past years based on a list kept by Susan, AF4FO, the GA SM.  This
> should 
> continue.  Most clubs have shown very little interest, but it is 
> possible that this has gotten word out to some individual club
> members 
> that has helped participation.
> Of course, we need to continue to encourage mobile participation from
> hams inside and outside GA.  Outside GA hams should be encouraged to 
> come to GA and give out counties.  This year, we might actually get 
> activity from all 159 counties.  Last year we came very close to that
> goal.
> Anyone who can help with any phase of the promotion campaign should
> let 
> Mike, NE4S, know and should post it and any other ideas to the
> reflectors.
> Happy holidays to all. 73, John, K4BAI.
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