[SECC] 80M QRP Fox Hunt Tuesday Night

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 10 15:17:59 EST 2007

A quick reminder.  The 80M QRP Fox Hunt will be held Tuesday night local 
(0200-0330 UTC, Friday) between 3550 and 3570.  One will be in the 
bottom 20 kHz and one in the top.  The two Foxes this week will be 
Chris, VA3NR, and our own Bill, AA4LR, secretary of SECC, who is in the 
Atlanta area.  Only 5 watt or less stations may participate, so turn 
your outdown to 5 watts and give it a try.  Exchange is:  RST, SPC, 
Name, Power.  The Foxes will "CQ FOX" and will indicate where they are 
listening if they are listening "split."  They usually start off 
listening split and the go simplex when the pileup dies down.  This is 
good practice for working DX.  Full QSK is very helpful, so you can stop 
calling when the FOX answers someone, but is not required, of course. 
Hope many of you will join in the fun.  The Fox Hunts are repeated at 
the same times on Thursdays, but on 40M between 7030 and 7050.  73, 
John, K4BAI.

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