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Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Tue Dec 18 07:54:03 EST 2007

Not exactly Frank.  The ARRL will comment on the status of a location if
asked, and recognize it as a potential new entity if they are aware of -
in the case of St. Barts - some political change or other valid reason,
but it is not added to the entities list until there is a first
operation.  That's why P5 was an entity if you asked the ARRL about it,
but was not on the list until Fred put it on the air for the first time,
years after it qualified to be there. After being activated once, it is
on the list forever, or until it stops meeting entity criteria, and
which point it disappears from the list.

St. Barts raises an interesting hypothetical situation, where a fellow
like Marti Lane brings a political change to St. Barts the ARRL's
attention and they agree it's a new one - and somebody has unknowingly
operated from there since that political change took place.  They were
handing out a new one and nobody knew it, not the operators, the ARRL,

Its good to work whatever is on - ya never know!


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Doesn't the ARRL count only contacts made AFTER the recognition of a new

entity for DXCC ?
Anyone know how this is going to play out?
73, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Frank w0ecs

Hal Kennedy wrote:
> Marti Lane and Olli are on St. Barts/  Callsign is FJ/home call.
Looks like
> a new one.
> http://www.dailydx.com/barthelemy.htm
> Merry Xmas.
> Hal
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