[SECC] Claimed Scores Last Week; Upcoming Contests

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 24 17:41:43 EST 2007

Hello all:  I have expanded the mailing list this week to SEDXC, since 
the Stew Perry TBDC on 160 CW next weekend will be a good warm-up for 
the CQ 160M contests and the SEDXC will start its celebration of its 
50th anniversary year by an all-out push for the club aggregate score 
competition in the CQ 160M CW Contest at the end of January.

Last week's contests:

1.  NCCC Sprint, 12/21/07
K4BAI  41  20  820  SOLP  0.5  GA
N3ZL                SOLP       SC

2.  RAEM Contest
K4BAI   6           SOHP  1:18  GA

The upcoming week or so will bring the following contests:

1.  Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) December Sprint (SKS).  01-03Z Wed 
(Tues night local).  160-20M CW.  Exchange:  Name + SPC + SKCC # or 
power output.  Any legal power OK.  Use hand key or bug.

2.  NCCC Thursday Sprint Practice.  0330 - 0359 Z Thurs (Friday UTC). 
This week it is only 160 and 80M.  Activity will start on 80 and go to 
160 after 15 mins or so except for single band or SO2R stations who may 
be on 160 earlier.  Exchange:  both calls, #, Name, SPC.  High power is 
OK for this week only since it is a warm up for Stew Perry, which 
permits high power.  Dupes OK after band change or one intervening QSO. 
  One kHz QSY rule.  Look around 3540 and 1810.  Mults count per each band.

3.  RAC Winter Contest.  24 hours UTC of Saturday.  CW/Ph.  160-2M. 
Exchange: RS(T) + serial # or VE/VO/VY province or territory.  You can 
work everyone for credit in this one, including other US stations. 
Activity seems to center around 025 on CW and in the Extra class band or 
foreign phone band on SSB.  If you are in the Stew Perry, you might want 
to be prepared until 000Z Sun to give out both your Grid Square and a 
QSO # and RST.

4.  Original QRP Contest.  15Z Sat to 15Z Sun.  80-20M CW only. 
Exchange:  RST + serial # + power (VLP = 1W; QRP = 5W; MP = 20W).  No 
QRO category and people running rigs capable of more than 20 watts 
turned down in power will count as check logs.  Maximum of 15 hours. 
Bonus new this year for using home brew or kit rigs.  Listen around 
14060 and maybe 7030 and give the European QRP guys a point or two.

5.  Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge.  15Z Sat to 15Z Sun. 
Maximum 14 hours with 30 minute minimum off periods and maximum of 4 off 
periods.  I think that means only one off period plus the beginning off 
period and the ending off period for us.  160M CW only.  No packet 
permitted.  Exchange:  4 digit grid square (example EM73).  You can find 
your grid square under your listing on QRZ.COM.  Click on "details" and 
it will give your 6 digit grid square based on your FCC listed address. 
  You use only the first four digits in this exchange.  This can be a 
very enjoyable contest and there will be a lot of activity and a lot of 
DX activity if conditions are good.  I will be using the SECC club call, 
W4AN, at the W8JI station.  During the off periods, I may use K4BAI with 
5 watts QRP.  There are a lot of plaques to be awarded.  There is even a 
plaque for the combined QRO/QRP entry like I mentioned.  The logchecking 
software will give you extra points for the QRP stations that you copy 
into your log correctly.  Join in the fun!

6.  80M QRP Fox Hunt.  After a week off for Christmas, the Fox Hunts 
return on Tuesday night local.  0200-0330Z Wednesday.  3550-3570.  QRP 
5W or less only.  Exchange:  RST + SPC + Name + power out.  The two 
Foxes this week are W2LJ in NJ and KR0U in CO.  Conditions have been 
being very good on 80M for the Fox Hunts and they can be a lot of fun. 
One Fox will be in the bottom 10 kHz and the other Fox in the top 10 
kHz.  No packet spots permitted.  Find them yourself.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and New Year.  And a lot of QSOs. 
73, John, K4BAI.

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