[SECC] Rememberances

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 26 13:33:28 EST 2007

At the close of each year we remember the past
and this year as I recall two who were handicapped
Dxers and contesters we can all count our blessings.

Cliff Corn, K9EAB operated out of an iron lung.  Striken with polio in the
late 1940's cliff could only move a couple of fingers.  He could do 18 WPM
CW but loved contesting, Dxing, and chasing counties.  He was cery active on
SSB, too.  He beat most of us to the then coveted 200 certificate
from CQ on SSB,  He also chased all counties against K4BAI and had all
counties 1A (the first fwe got 1A to 1Z.  I remember chasing East Pakistan
in 1961 on SSB and of our group called the 'boneheads" he was the only one
to make it.
The boneheads included W5KFT, K6YRA, W0UUV (SK), K1EJO (now K1JO), myself,
and K2UUV Augie (who we lst track of).  Cliff lost interest inamateur radio
in the late 1960's and passed away in 1969.

Dr George K6MLS was a victim of cripling arthritis which forced him to give
up his practice
of surgery and his cherised CW operating.  George was one of the first Left
Coast ops to make the CQ 200 SSB and he sponsored the first few 300 SSB
Plaques won by W4QCW, TI2HP and others.

Being handicapped never stopped Cliff or George
from being top operators.  Talking to them almsot every day sure made me
strive harder!

73 Dave K4JRB  then K5MDX

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