[SECC] ATT mail and aluminum masts

Jim Stafford qrp at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 28 15:50:05 EST 2007

Not sure what the problem is with Bellsouth/AT&T email unless he's doing it from work behind some kind of firewall.  I've had it for years and all my mail comes fine, just a comment.  I have all the spam filters set, etc.

Now to the question:  I am looking for a 20 foot (preferably) aluminum pole/mast about 2" in diameter, does not have to be all that heavy duty. I want to mount some 2M and 6M antennas on a small rotor at about the 20 foot level.

Did someone clean out that warehouse a few months back where there were a half dozen of these things?  But that is only one source that I seemed to recall.  

Any other thoughts?  Suggestions?  I think 2 sections of the Radio Shack TV mast would be too flimsy.


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