[SECC] Items for sale (Clearing out pretty neat stuff to make room for a hamshack refridgerator!)

Gary McConville wb4sq at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 17:40:57 EST 2007

My cozy 6ft x 8ft hamshack is running out of room...

#1 - (One) JPS NRF7 Audio DSP filter - $50

#2 - (Five) APC 600VA UPS units (need a fresh 12V 12aHr battery which
runs around $35 and will last another 3-5 years before develop it's
next battery hunger). $20 ea.

#3 - (Six) VSI (American Video Equipment) boxes which have BNC video in
& outs, RS-232 input used to superimpose several lines of text from a
computer with or w/o date/time stamps onto composite video.  Great for
evidence videos. $20 ea.

#4 - (Two) Omega OM700 data acquistion interfaces.  These industrial
grade-accurate units connect to serial or parallel computer ports to
allow up to 16 temperature inputs, 32 analog or digital inputs, and
switch 8 outputs.  $50 ea.

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