[SECC] Selling Ft-2000D

Courtney Judd k4wi at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 10 15:00:43 EST 2007

Hello Group, well I have decided to sell my 2000 stuff. I still have my 1000D and 920 but ham radio is on the back burner right now and I simply don't have the time to use this stuff. I bought these all in Feb 28, 2007 from Texas Towers:

FT-2000D   # 7C110048    $3399.00
DMU-2000  # 7C040040    $ 999.00
SP-20000                         $ 179.00
Texas Towers coupon      - $ 200.00

Total                                 $4377.00

Synaps 15.4 TFT monitor    $ 150.42
MicroHam cable DB-37-2000  $56.00
Din connector with switch       $10.00

So I have a total of $4593.42 invested in this stuff. I have used them probably 10 hours at the most. The radio has never been upgraded with the latest firmware.. simply never had time to do it. They are in a non-smoking environment and I have all of the original boxing materials. I would prefer that they be picked up in Alabama. I will take offers for two weeks and then let go to the top bidder. If you have any questions, please email me and we can arrange to talk on the phone any evening. Thanks, Courtney K4WI 

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