[SECC] Announcement, LZ DX Contest This Weekend

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 13 20:16:18 EST 2007

Dear Fellow Contesters,

We would like to invite all of you to take part in LZ DX Contest which will
be held this comming weekend - 17th/18th of November from 12.00Z Saturday to
12.00 Z Sunday.

Here are the rules

ORGANISED BY: Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs
12:00 UTC on Saturday till 12:00 UTC on Sunday - November 17th -18th , 2007
80; 40; 20; 15 ; 10 m ; CW and SSB
It is necessary to observe IARU band plan.Same station may be worked once on
CW and once on SSB on each band. After changing the mode the entrant should
stay on this mode for at least 10 min. Band changes are allowed without
restrictions. During the band change the entrant must also observe the 10min
rule for mode! ( example - if one was on 20m SSB for 5 min and change to
15m band he/she must continue to operate on SSB for another 5 min before
changing the mode to CW 15m )
Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time
A - Single Operator/Multi  Bands/Mixed
B - Single Operator/Multi  Bands/CW
C - Single Operator/Multi  Bands/SSB
D - Single Operator/Single Band/Mixed
E - Multi  Operators/Multi Bands/Single Transmitter/Mixed
F - Single Operator/Multi  Bands/Mixed/QRP (max.5 Watts output)

Low power (max 100 W output) entrants will be marked with (*) sign in final
results.Bulgarian stations are listed separately from foreign entrants.
non LZ Stations: RS(T) + ITU zone
LZ Stations: RS(T) + 2 letters district abreviation
10 points for each QSO with LZ station
3 points for each QSO with other continent
1 point for each QSO with the same continent (own country included)
3 points for two call signs and two numbers
1 point  for two call signs and one number
The sum of ITU zones + LZ districts on each band regardless of
the mode
The sum of QSO points multiplied by final multiplier
PAPER LOGS:Separate logs for each band + summary sheet are required.Please,
send your log to: BFRA, P.O.Box 830, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
ELECTRONIC LOGS:Please, send your e-log (preferably in CABRILLO format) to
 lzdxc at yahoo.com

 lzdxc at bfra.org

 Home page:  http://lzdx.bfra.org/
30 days after the contest (post seal being decisive - 19 December 2007)
AWARDS:Top three scores in each category will be awarded a


Cat. A  SOAB MIX  WORLD  -  PLAQUE donated by LZ3FN
Cat. B  SOAB CW   WORLD  -  PLAQUE in memoriam of LZ2EV donated by
                                                     LZ3SM & LZ3FN
Cat. B  SOAB CW   LZ     -         PLAQUE  in memoriam of LZ4CA
                                                     donated by  LZ2CJ
Cat. C  SOAB SSB  WORLD  -  PLAQUE donated by  LZ3FN
Cat. E  MOST MIX  WORLD  -  PLAQUE donated by  LZ1JZ
Cat. F  QRP  MIX  WORLD  -    PLAQUE donated by  LZ1JZ
Cat. G  SWL  -                             PLAQUE  donated by

SPECIAL PLAQUE       for  highest ASIA score - donated by LZ3SM
REMARKS:The total number of LZ districts is 28.Here are the abbreviations of
all 28 districts :
Supported by software:
SD by EI5DI for Windows
Gen LOG by W3KM
AALog contest module by RZ4AG
Contest by RA9JB  (in Russian)
CT by K1EA (use IARU Contest )
Write Log by N9OH
Lux-Log by Norby Oberweis - LX1NO
Remarks  by EI5DI - SD is now free to everyone, and it runs on any Windows
PC, but not on DOS. Your link to SD by EI5DI for DOS should be removed,
and the URL for SD by EI5DI for Windows is now
http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe. Key files are no longer needed. I now
have templates for most contests. To setup SD for your contest, simply
select the "LZ DX" template at startup.
Many thanks & 73,
Paul EI5DI

If you want to know about details, concerning the log checking procedure and
want to find answers of other questions,concerning rules and participation,
please click on Frequently Asked Questions link.

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