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Thu Nov 15 11:38:39 EST 2007

I wonder if anyone would have time to model the K3LR Sloper Array for me? I don't have an antenna modelling program. I mentioned to K2NG that we were thinking of putting up an 80 
meter version of this antenna down on Bonaire for the CQWW contest. He warned me that this
array could effect the performance of the 40 meter beam on the tower. I emailed K3LR about this
and he said he didn't see any performance issues with the yagis on the tower he has the 160 meter
version of this antenna on. He suggested I model it for 80 meters to see the effects.

Here is a link to the orginal article -  http://www.arrl.org/members-only/tis/info/pdf/9408036.pdf

The tower on Bonaire is 90 feet high with a 2 el F12 40 meter yagi on it and a C3 about 10 feet above 
it. The guy wires are phillystran. The plan is to make a 2 el version of the antenna. One leg would point to EU and the other VK/ZL.

   If it looks like there would be an effect on the 40 meter beam I was thinking of building a 2 el phased vertical system with 1/4 wl spacing using wire hanging down from ropes sloping down from the top of the tower. We would use 4 elevated radials. It would be fed 90 out of phase to give a endfire cardiod pattern towards EU. Thanks.

Jeff KU8E
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