[SECC] Announcement, SNS Tonight

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jan 10 09:52:23 EST 2008

The NCCC's (Northern California Contest Club) weekly Thursday night running
of the SNS and NS are tonight.

We will stick with the sprint style practice for the SNS even though the
regular NCCC practice at 0330z is going to the NAQP rules

Slow Speed NS practice tonight from 0300z to 0315z.

All of the same rules apply to the SNS as the regular one (dupe allowed
after 1 intervening Q) so you are allowed to work the same station as long
as you have worked another station in between (only exception is that you
can work a station on 40 and then can work him/her immediately on another
band (say 20 meters).

Remember max speed of 23 WPM.

Bands will be 40 and 80 meters (around 7040 and 3540).

NS Home:   <http://www.ncccsprint.com/default.htm>

Sites to help everyone for sprint contests.


  <http://n6tr.jzap.com/sprint.html> http://n6tr.jzap.com/sprint.html

Mike W9RE

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