[SECC] 160M Ant Question

Jeff W4DD w4dd at arrl.net
Sun Jan 27 13:51:40 EST 2008

I've had great luck using a 160M quarter wave vertical shot up over some
tall trees.  It's a pain putting it up each fall.  I don't leave it up all
year because the moving branch tend to destroy it over the summer.


So I've been considering two other approaches to get (stay) on 160M;


1) Inverted Vee off the tower at 50ft (simple)


2) Shunt feed the tower (more complex)

Tower is 70Ft with A-4 tribander at the top, and 80 and 40M Inv Vees.

All antennas terminate in an RCS-8V antenna switch mounted on the bottom of
the tower along with rotor control lines.

Tower currently has 4 in-ground radials (20-60 ft) with 10 ground rods every
16 ft on the radials


Any advice as to which approach is best and the performance of only using a
70ft tower?



Jeff, W4DD

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