[SECC] Tennessee QSO Party

Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 09:09:19 EDT 2008

TNQP is today, 1800z start time.

I will be working from WY or MT from the mobile to hand out a semi rare state.
Propagation seems very poor though.
We are about 2 miles from the WY/MT border at Yellowstone north.

Please take time to work our good friends in TN.
And send in a log... even for just a couple Qs.
We had a lot of support for GQP from TN this year, let's return the favors.

Mike, NE4S

 Please use ne4s at iham.us or mike1230 at mcnet.us as my address.
GQP was 4/12-13.. Thanks for joining the party. See gqp.contesting.com !
Be well 

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