Brian Wilcox na4bw at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 14 20:02:56 EDT 2008

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest

Call: NA4BW
Operator(s): NA4BW
Station: NA4BW

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   54        
   40:   83        
   20:   14        
Total:  151    Mults = 37  Total Score = 5,738

Club: South East Contest Club

Team: Southeast Sprint Coalition


HOW NOT TO START A CONTEST or the fastest 7 minutes in radio:

I had already spent a couple of days trying to find out where the FIREANTS were
coming into the house. I thought I had completed the job. Well as this true
story goes, I went to the neighborhood cookout prior to the contest thinking
that since all the equipment was set up I could just casually get to the shack
a few minutes beforehand. I did,  but I wasn't alone - they weren't just in the
house again, they were under the radio desk this time! I didn't realize it until
a couple started climbing up my leg.

 We are now within 5 minutes of the start. OK - so I position the gooseneck
lamp to get a closer look under the table and yep - the lamp falls and fills
the fire ant infested area with lightbulb shards. Somewhat P/Oed I mutter a few
things and realize something is going to have to give if I'm going to use a
footswitch with socks on.... now in the dark. 

After that excitng episode - I'm flying down to the basement for more ant
spray. Clock says 2358 - and next comes some fairly indiscriminate bug
spraying.  Then I realize all the glass needs to removed. 0000z rolls right on
by with me - under the table - donating type O. 

Finally, at 0002 I work some poor soul who hears quite a mangled exchange from
my side. Well, I guess you had to be here! 

Still floating on pesticide fumes 24 hours later - Brian with an I and BTW 20m
was horrible...   :>

73 NA4BW

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