[SECC] 80M QRP Fox Hunt Tuesday Evening NYC Time

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jan 6 15:41:07 EST 2009

Hello all:  Tuesday evening EST, 0200-0330 UTC Wednesday, I will be one 
of two QRP 5W "Foxes" between 3550 and 3570 kHz calling CQ FOX.  The 
other will be Bob KI0G in TX.  One of us will be in the bottom 10 kHz of 
the segment and the other in the top 10 kHz.  Other stations running 5W 
or less are invited to call us and attempt to obtain a "pelt" by a QSO. 
  Exchange is:  RST, SPC, Name, Power.  We will no doubt be listening 
split, probably up about 1, at the start and will indicate that by "UP," 
"U," or maybe "U1."  When the pileup of QRP callers dies down, we will 
likely be listening on our transmit frequencies for callers.  Full 
information can be found on a web page by searching for "QRP Fox Hunts." 
  These can be fun and I hope many of you will join in the fun and work 
both me and Bob.  Only the two Foxes may be contacted in this particular 
activity.  This event occurs most Tuesday nights during the fall, 
winder, and early spring.  There is an identical 40M QRP Fox Hunt on 
Thursdays.  During the summers, the Fox Hunts are held on 20M.  73, 
John, K4BAI.

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