[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests; This Week's Contests

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 7 11:49:18 EST 2009

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contest:

1.  ARRL RTTY Round-Up
Call    QSOs  S/P  DX  Score    Category   Time   State   Notes
WX4TM	1251  56   64  150,120  SOHP       16.5   AL
WA1FCN  1031  57   41  101,038  SOLP       22     AL
W4UK     925  56   35   84,175  SOHP       18.3   SC
K4TD     693  55   41   66,528  SOHP       11     AL
KR4F     576  55   43   56,448  M/S HP     12.45  AL      + PKT
K1ZZI    554  55   31   46,784  SOHP        6.5   GA
KE4KWE   516  54   18   37,152  SOLP       12     AL
KG4IGC   405  48   39   35,235  SOLP       18.9   SC
K4HAL    460  54   22   34,960  SOHP        9     AL
AA4V     383  51   40   34,853  M/S HP      5.5   SC      + PKT
WF4W     424  55    8   26,712  M/S HP     18     GA      + PKT
K4HMB    316  51   22   23,068  SOHP        6.5   NC
KC4HW    295  49   13   19,290  SOLP        5     AL
K4WI     276  46   19   17,940  SOLP        8.5   AL
NN4F     264  51   14   17,160  SOLP        5     SC
K4OD     215  50   20   15,120  SOLP       15.4   GA
KG4CUY   201  55   10   13,065  SOLP        6     AL
W4HOD    151  40   12    7,852  M/S_P     ~10     AL  Ops:  KF4OPX, 
K4RW      74  31    8    2,886  SOLP        5     SC

Obviously there is a lot of RTTY contest activity in AL.  NAQP RTTY is 
February 29-March 1.  I am sure ACG will have teams in that one.  WF4W 
will register SECC teams for that one.  Remember, you do not have to be 
within the club circle or even be a member of a club to be on a team. 
It seems to me that GA and Carolina RTTY ops could put together some 
very good RTTY teams to compete with ACG teams and nationally.  Please 
let WF4W know if you would like to be on a SECC team and whether you 
will be full time or part time and low power or QRP.

2.  Straight Key Night
K4BAI   19          19          6:21  GA

3.  QRPARCI Pet Rock Sprint
K4BAI   35  27  28,350  5W QRP  3.0  GA

4.  Adventure Radio Society January Spartan Sprint
K4BAI   30          30  Tubby   2.0  GA

Also, in Tuesday night's QRP Fox Hunt, I worked 63 stations + the two 
Foxes = 65.  Conditions weren't too good.  Pretty much worked all areas 
except W6/7 and VE.  No long skip noted.  Thanks to K4NM, K4PIC, N3TL, 
K4JPN, AB9CD, N4SAM et al for QSOs.  A full report has been posted to 
the qfox reflector.  If you are not subscribed to that and would like a 
copy of the full report, let me know and I'll send you one.

This Week's Contests:

1.  NCCC NAQP Practice Sessions.  0230-0259Z Friday and Saturday 
(Thursday and Friday local time).  Usual NAQP rules.  No dupes.  Low 
power.  10-160M CW.  Exchange:  Name + SPC.

2.  SNS slow speed NA Sprint Practice.  0200-0215Z Friday (Thursday 
local).  80-40M.  Max power:  100W.  Max speed:  22 WPM.  Exchange: 
both calls, #, name, SPC.  Dupes OK after band change or one intervening 

3.  Thursday night QRP Fox Hunt.  Two foxes will be QRV 0200-0330Z 
Friday between 7030 and 7050.  5W maximum.  Exchange:  RST, SPC, Name, 

4.  Michigan QRP Club January CW Contest.  160-6M CW.  12Z Sat to 2359Z 
Sun.  Exchange:  RST + SPC + MiQRP Club # or power output.

5.  North American QSO Party.  160-10M CW.  18Z Sat to 06Z Sun. 
Exchange:  Name + SPC for NA stations.  Only Name for non-NA stations. 
(My contest software wants something in the SPC space, so I put "DX" in 
there.  I usually delete the "DX" in the Cabrillo log before submission, 
but I doubt that is necessary.)  Maximium time for single ops:  10 
hours.  Maximum power:  100 watts.  Teams of two to five single ops may 
be registered.  ACG teams registered by WA1FCN; SECC by K4BAI.  For 
SECC, we have 8 stations so far and I'd like to have at least two more 
and, ideally, a lot more than that.  We have 8 for each mode (CW and 
SSB).  I will register the CW teams Friday, so please e-mail me ASAP if 
you can participate and would like to be on a SECC team. Again, you need 
not be inside the SECC circle or even be a SECC member.  Just let me 
know your call, name to be used, SPC and whether you expect to be full 
time or part time and whether you expect to run low power or QRP.  This 
is a fun contest with a lot of band changing possible since mults (NA 
SPCs) count per band.  There is always a lot of activity.  No QSY rule, 
so you can practice running or search and pounce or both.

6.  Straight Key Century Club Weekend Sprintathon (SKS).  00-24Z Sun. 
160-6M CW.  Exchange:  RST + Name + SPC + SKCC# or "none."  The sponsor 
requests "real" RST reports.  Extra points for QSOs with LW3EX.

Hope everyone has a good week and weekend and makes a lot of QSOs.


John, K4BAI.

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