[SECC] PJ4G Contest Station Available for CQ WW CW in February

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jan 8 11:00:06 EST 2009

Due to scheduling problems and surgery being scheduled for an intended 
renter (not a SE USA ham), the PJ4G fabulous contest location and 
station is unexpectedly available for next month's ARRL DX CW.  On site 
are great antennas and a FT1000MP Mark V and an AL1200.  All you would 
need to take would be laptops and any additional transceivers or amps 
you might need.  At the time we left in November, the only antenna work 
needed for ARRL DX would be to put out a temporary beverage for the US 
if you desired to have one (highly recommended).  There has been a 
second amp there, but it is not in working condition now.  You can fly 
there on American through San Juan or through Curacao with a local 
carrier for the last leg.  The latter may require an overnight stop each 
way in Curacao.  You can also fly there via Aruba and then on a local 
carrier, but I haven't done that yet.  This is the station where PJ4A 
with K4BAI, N4TO, and K1TO operating, set the all-time world record for 
M/S in CQ WW CW 2006 and I came in #3 in the world in ARRL DX CW SOAB in 
2007.  Jeff, KU8E, Don, W4OC, Hal, N4GG, Fred, WW4LL, and I think K9MUG 
have operated from this rental location too.

If interested, let me know and I'll give you all the information I have. 
  Reservations and arrangement should be made with K2NG by e-mail. 
Noah.Gottfried at us.fujitsu.com.


John, K4BAI.

P.S.  Dan and Ted would you please forward this to the FCG and TCG 
reflectors?  Thanks.

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