[SECC] Walton County GA QSO Party Speaker Needed

Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 08:46:51 EST 2009

We will get you a presenter.
I don't know who did the SEDXC program, but perhaps we can connect there and fill in.
In any case someone from the GQP team will attend.

I can fill in info from 2008, and even specifics for Walton County participation.
Like... who sent logs in, (and who did'nt)
Scores, Q's, the Rovers who operated from Walton, and more.
This can be an up date to the existing presentation, or a separate add on.

I will check with the GQP team and we will work it out.
Actually we would work with anyone who would like to present.

Mike, NE4S

GQP Team...? Check in on this pse.

 Please use ne4s at iham.us or mike1230 at mcnet.us as my address.
GQP, the fastest growing QSO party, is on  4/11+12 2009.
See gqp.contesting.com  !
Be well

From: Robert Carroll <w2wg at comcast.net>
To: secc at contesting.com; sedxc at contesting.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 4:04:10 PM
Subject: [SECC] Walton County GA QSO Party Speaker Needed

I have received a request to find a volunteer who would be
willing to present a program on the QSO party at the Walton County 
club meeting on March 16  in Loganville.  That club was responsible
for a big Walton County turnout for last year’s
party.    If you happened to hear the QSO party presentation at the
SEDXC last year, it combined HF mobiling, past QSO parties and the 2008 party.  Quite
a bit of that information might be useful.  Please contact me if you would
be willing to present a program.
Bob W2WG

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