[SECC] 40M Fox Hunt Tonight (Thursday Night EST)

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jan 22 17:19:43 EST 2009

Hello all:  Again tonight, Thursday night 9 to 20:30 PM EST, 0200 to 
0330 UTC Friday, I will be one of two QRP Fox Hunt Foxes between 7030 
and 7050 kHz.  The other will be Don, NK6A, in CA.  One of us will be 
between 7030 and 7040 and the other will be between 7040 and 7050.  We 
will each be running 5 watts and the best antennas we can muster.  We 
will call CQ FOX and start out listening probably up about 1 kHz and 
will indicate that by "UP" or "U."  To answer us, you should also be 
running five watts or less output.  After the pile up dies down, we will 
likely stop saying "UP" and listen on our transmit frequencies.  The 
exchange is:  RST (I give "real" reports, SPC (state, province, or 
country), name, and power output.  For example, I might send 559, GA, 

Hope many of you who can be QRV at that time will be a "hound" and try 
to obtain a fox pelt (QSO).  I know many of you may be pretty close by 
and the skip may be long.  But, we will never know until we try.  If 
there is long skip between us, you should be able to work Don in CA 
easily.  Thanks for giving it a try.


John, K4BAI.

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