[SECC] GQP and Easter

Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 10:55:21 EST 2009

Folks have mentioned the overlap of Easter and GQP on Sunday.

At our GQP planning meeting last Wednesday we discussed this.

>>>>>>>>>>From meeting notes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Easter Sunday:  We talked about Easter conflicts, and the
recommendation was to hold the event on Saturday only when the dates
But also we decided not to change 2009 because of creating confusion this close to the party.
next overlap is in 2020.  I will prepare an addition to our rules that
call out this exception and list the next several years of occurrence.
After the 2009 party, I will post the new rule change.

Thanks to those who pointed this out.
Please join us for as much participation as you find appropriate on April 11 and/or 12 2009.

Thanks to the SEDXC folks for a few minutes at the last meeting to plug GQP.

Mike, NE4S

 Please use ne4s at iham.us or mike1230 at mcnet.us as my address.
GQP, the fastest growing QSO party, is on  4/11+12 2009.
See gqp.contesting.com  !
Be well

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