[SECC] Sunday as an SWL on St. Simons

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 12 11:13:48 PDT 2010

Glynn County decided the water oak at the little tabby on St. Simons was 
dangerous and they cut it down taking my 80 meter loop skywire with it.

So I grabbed the Sangean portable hooked the coax that is still attached to 
the loop remains and listened.  On 15 I heard OM3VL calling the GAQP
on 21305 then 21289.  There were some VE1's and 2's calling YI9PSE on 21.300 
(he was on 21295).
I heard a LU working someone in GA on 28480 but he was weak.  17 was full of 
EU signals on both SSB and CW.  I even heard a OD5 on 18145
weakly.  There was also a A61 on 18151.  The EA's could be heard all over 
the house.

On 20 I heard AC5O calling the GAQP and heard N4PN weakly working his usual 
pile on about 14240.  Band was full of Stateside.  Loudest EU was a IW5 50 
km South of San Marino (T77) saying he was operating mobile.  40 Was kinda 
dead but I did hear a mobile on 7040 running high speed CW and I heard K8CQ 
in Glynn County (can't remember if 20 or 40) working the QSO party.  I was 
surprised at the number of outside GA on SSB looking for Ga Q's.

Packed it up at 4PM after hearing K4ESA on 10 SSB weakly working the QSO 

The place to be for all band Dx right now is PY2
as they are working YI9 on 24 mhz and its amazing the Dx they report on 20, 
17, 15, and 12 that just is not heard in GA.  I noticed Friday that 15 was 
dead on the big KLM here and PY's were working the middle East, Asia Russia, 
and the far East.  The band was so bad I could not even hear the PY. A local 
said saturday was better as ZD7 came through on 10 about noon and T32 was in 
5/6 at 2130Z.

73 Dave K4JRB /SWL for the weekend 

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