[SECC] GQP logs received posted... 251

Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 25 12:49:08 PDT 2010

Hi folks,

Sunday, 25th, nite, and 251 good logs are processed, scored, and posted.
The soapbox comments also have been posted... as found in the log files.

Check your class, power, mode, and club designation.
A note to me will fix errors or get your club changed as needed.

We have 12 logs in the engine shop for new innards...
I have, or will, send notes to folks for help as needed.
FYI,  ADIF,  or XXX.adi  files are not any good.
ADIF is fine for log books, but not appropriate for contest score work.
I think we have 5 or 6 adif's.
Most loggers will make a Cabrillo file naturally or under an export menu choice.

County Coverage.....
At this time we are missing 4 counties.
Mitchell, Burke, Taylor, and Talbot.
BUT, we have a lot of logs still out, including some rovers who were headed for all of the above.
If Murph is off duty, we "might" see all 159 activated...
Stand by, this will probably go down to the end.

More info will be posted as the logs float in....


 Please use ne4s at iham.us as my address.
GQP 2011 is on April 9, 10th, Join the party.
See gqp.contesting.com !
Be well 


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