[SECC] 2010 - Which group are you in?

Brian Wilcox na4bw at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 2 14:01:11 PST 2010

1. I operated > 10 contests last year and contributed my scores on behalf of the SECC

2. I operated 5-10 contests last year """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

3. I operated 1-4 contests last year  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

4.  I didn't operate any contests last year and didn't submit any score of behalf of the SECC

Within the SECC we have ops that fall into each category. Where do you fit?  I'll let you guess the group that had the largest tally for 2009.

I would challenge  you to take a step up the ladder for your club  in 2010. Will you make that commitment?

To our newest members - I would especially encourage you to find a contest(s) below and make it a point to get on the air, whether for 1 hour or the full duration. Then submit your score for the SECC and LET ME KNOW how it went for you. We have many mentors in the group and by sharing your experiences we can all benefit.  

1-9/10 NAQP CW (sign up now! with Ralph K1ZZI)

1-16/17 NAQP SSB  (teams to be set up)

1/22/24 CQ 160 CW

2-6  NA Sprint CW

2-13 NA Sprint SSB

2-19/21 ARRL DX CW

2-26-2/28 CQ 160 SSB

There are many other contests and other modes not listed here so be sure to look at the SECC webpage under " Upcoming contests" for those not listed here and confirm start/end times for those listed. (dates listed here are local time)

I look forward to seeing your increased participation and scores posted to the SECC in 2010!

73 and Happy new year,

Brian NA4BW
2009/2010 President


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