[SECC] Announcement: Slow Speed CW Practice Tonight

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 6 10:38:30 PST 2010

After a 2 week hiatus the SNS returns this week.

Please keep your speed to a max of 18 WPM.

Announcing the NCCC’s (Northern California Contest Club) weekly Thursday 
night running of the SNS.

The Slow Speed NS practice is from 0200z to 0215z+ (Friday UTC, Thursday 
local time).  That’s starting at 9:00pm EST, 8:00pm CST, 7:00pm MST and 
6:00pm PST, local time Thursday.

Notice the change of the ending time to 0215+, go as long as you like 
0220, 0225, etc.  So continue as long as you like!

20 m      14037-14043
40 m      7037-7043
80 m      3537-3543

In general spend 5 minutes on each band starting with 20.

DUPES:  No same band dupes.  You may work the same station on a 
different band though.
POWER: 100 watt limit.

If you don’t hear a CQ send a CQ and don’t worry about the couplet since 
this is only practice and hopefully an introduction to sprints for 
newbies.  I think stations might answer a CQ more likely than call CQ 
themselves.  With that said remember that newbies are listening to get 
up the nerve to jump in so don’t hesitate to make Q’s.  Also since this 
is only a practice you can go past the 15 minute time suggestion.

NS 0230z to 0300z this week. See N6ROO’s announcement.

Also remember the NAQP practice on Friday.

Sites to help everyone for sprint contests.



Mike W9RE

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