[SECC] K4NO NAQP CW Practice

Greg Richard k4no at mchsi.com
Fri Jan 8 20:04:22 PST 2010

160 meters is open tonight, lots of EU DX very loud here now.

I missed the first few minutes getting the station relocated back into place
and I may have missed some 40 meter Q's.  First time in the practice contest
and it helped big time.   The K3 was set at 6 watts and that's what I used
to make 5 contacts on 160 meters, I found that one after the test was over
but fortunately before the start tomorrow. Also found an intermittent coax
connection that will be fixed in about 10 minutes

160  5 x 3
80   14 x 9

See everyone tomorrow in the NAQP on 6 bands.

Greg K4NO

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