[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests; This Week's Contests

Jeremy - KD4LCR kd4lcr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 12:44:36 PST 2010

Hope to see you at the SNS tonight pending I still have an antenna or two up
there, right now we have some severe weather out here, I am watching my beam
twist and turn today hoping that it is not too bad that its not repairable
we will see.. but worse case enjoy the SNS tonight.. 

N4JIK formerly KD4LCR/7J6CEM
Fort Sill, OK
Triple Play Award #327

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Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  BARTG RTTY Sprint
WX4TM  459   63  173,502  SOExpertHP   7    AL  ACG
AA4YL  465   54  150,660  SO HP       12    AL  ACG
K4HMB  228  402   91,656  SO HP        7    NC  SECC
W4UK   301  185   55,685  SOExpertHP  10    SC  SECC
K4HAL  184  282   51,888  SO HP        5    AL  ACG
N4JIK  153   54   33,048  SO LP        9    OK  SECC
KE4KWE 152   43   12,464  SO LP        3.5  AL  ACG
AE4Y   100   69    6,900  SO LP        3    GA  SECC
K4JTT   25   34      850  SO LP        2    GA  SECC

Obviously some reporters included a multiplier factor in their
multiplier number and others did not.  I usually try to reduce the
multipliers to the actual number, but wasn't familiar enough with the
rules to do that for this contest.  Please try to report to 3830 your
actual multplier, not the number you get credit for after adding in a
band multiplier so that the numbers can be more easily compared.  Thanks.

2.  ARRL VHF Sweepstakes

K4LY   176  83  20,501  SOLP  16     SC  CDXA
K4DLI   29   9     261  SOLP   2:46  GA  SECC
N4PN    19   9     171  SOLP   2     GA  SECC
K4BAI   13   6      78  SOLP   0:31  GA  SECC
K4PIC    2   1       2  SOLP   0.1   GA  SECC

A lot of other stations were active, but haven't yet reported their
scores to 3830, including W4NH, a multi-band group operation from
Dahlonega, GA.

3.  2010 Locust QSO Party
K1ZZI  49  64,000  SOLP   0:53  GA  SECC
W4NZ   41  56,000  SOLP   0:53  TN  TCG
KY4F   32  48,000  SOLP   0:53  AL  ACG

3.  NS Ladder 1/22/10
N4OGW  52  39  2,028  SOLP  .5  MS  ACG  SO2R
W4NZ   44  33  1,452  SOLP  .5  TN  TCG  SO2R
K1ZZI  43  31  1,333  SOLP  .5  GA  SECC
K4BAI  39  26  1,014  SOLP  .5  GA  SECC
W4OC   34  22    748  SOLP  .5  SC  SECC
KY4F   35  20    500  SOLP  .5  AL  ACG
KC4HW  12   9    108  SOLP  .5  AL  ACG

4.  January Straight Key Century Club Weekday Sprint
K4ZGB  50  26  1,510  SOLP  AL  ACG
K4NVJ   8   6     98  SOLP  AL
W4CUX   7   7     94  SOLP  GA

5.  North American QRP CW Club 160 Meter Sprint
K4BAI  16  11  319 x2  638  QRP5W  2.0  GA  SECC
AB9CA and N4SAM in AL were also QRV, but I don't have their scores.

This week's contests:

1.  Thursday (40M) and Tuesday (80M) QRP Fox Hunts.  0200-0330Z Fri and
Wed.  7030-7050 and 3550-3570 kHz.  5W maximum power.  Work only the two
foxes.  For this Thursday, they will be K9JWV, Jim in UT and AB9CA, Dave
in AL.  For next Tuesday, the schedule shows AB7R in WA and N0IT in MO.
  Exchange:  RST, SPC, Name, Power.

2.  SNS and NS Ladder Thursday night events.  Slow speed SNS 0200-0215Z.
  Regular 0230-0259Z (Fri).  Slow speed is maximum 18 WPM and only 20,
40, and 80.  Regular also includes 160.  Maximum power for either is
100W.  Exchange:  both calls, #, name, and SPC.  One kHz QSY rule.  The
real NCJ North American Sprint is coming up early in February and these
Thurs night events are good practice.

3.  CQ 160 Meter CW Contest.  Sat 22Z to Sun 22Z.  160M CW.  30 hours 
maximum for single ops.  40 hours maximum for multi ops.  Exchange: RST 
and state or province or CQ Zone.  CQ Zones are part of the exchange 
only, not multipliers.  W8JI, K1TO, K4TD, VE7ZO, and K4BAI will be doing 
this multi op at the W8JI station.  I assume we will sign either W8JI or 
W4AN.  Hope to work you all during the weekend.  Even if you have 
limited time, get on when you can.  I assume our QRT time will be 
approximately 10 AM to 2 PM each day.  Otherwise, you will probably find 
us calling CQ for the other 40 hours.

4.  REF (French) CW Contest.  06Z Sat to 18Z Sun.  80-10M CW.  28 hours 
maximum for single ops.  Exchange:  RST + serial # or French Dept # or 
prefix for overseas French entities.

5.  UBA (Belgium) DX Contest, SSB.  13Z Sat to 13Z Sun.  80-10M SSB. 
Exchange:  RS + serial # or Belgian Province abbreviation.

6.  Adventure Radio Society February Spartan Sprint.  02-04Z Tuesday 
(Monday night local).  80-10M CW.  5W maximum.  Exchange:  RST + SPC + 
Power out.

Hope everyone has a nice week and weekend and a lot of QSOs, especially 
on 160M.  There was a QRP Sprint on 160 last night and conditions seemed 
very good even with my compromise antenna.  A lot of DX around too.

73, John, K4BAI.

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