[SECC] Resignation

Tommy Alderman aldermant at windstream.net
Wed Oct 13 05:27:51 PDT 2010

In early June of this year, I was asked if I would agree to have my name
submitted for the presidency of the SECC and after some thought about the
question and finding out who I would have working with me, I agreed to do
Unfortunately this past six months has not been at all productive from my
perspective. This latest issue that caused a valuable member of the SECC to
resign, and the fall out thereafter, confirms my thoughts about continuing.
When the fun in my hobby stops, it is time for me to go elsewhere.
Any further comments on my part would possibly create dissention from
several of the long time members and I have no interest in creating such an
I hereby resign as president of the SECC and as a member of the SECC.
Tom Alderman - W4BQF

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