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Robert & Charlotte Higgins rwhiggins at charter.net
Thu Oct 14 05:20:57 PDT 2010

I must be missing something.

Is this the email that caused all of the commotion? Did someone find this offensive? What was offensive, the term Euro lids?

Please explain your reason for being offended to me like I'm a four year old, because I just don't get it.

There have to be other personal issues behind this, because no adult would get worked up over these comments. Either that or there are other four year olds out there.

Bob K4LW

  Sri but I just read something that just makes me want to vent. I have casually been chasing some of the PJ stations this weekend. There is no urgency to work them all now because all these  *NEW* countries will be active just about every contest weekend.

  So no big deal. Anyway I'm surfing the net and come across the website for one of the Bonaire operations. These guys must have a bunch of time on their hands with a fancy website that has a log, Twitter, Face book and some live video feed

  (which of course doesn't work). They seem to think Bonaire is a rare country because they're  asking for $2 plus SAE for one of their QSL cards.


  Here's a tip - If you want a QSL card and have some patience -  John,K4BAI and I will be in  Bonaire for the CQWW DX CW contest in November operating from the same exact station as this particular operation.  John is one of the best QSL managers around 

  and even if you don't send a SASE he will find a way to get you a card. Too bad these EURO lids can't run classy DXpedition like K4UEE.


  I fell better now J



  73, Jeff  KU8E / PJ4A team

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