[SECC] PJ Operations

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Thu Oct 14 09:37:54 PDT 2010

There have to be other personal issues behind this, because no adult would 
get worked up over these comments. Either that or there are other four year 
olds out there.

Bob K4LW>>>

I asked an officer what happened, and I was assured no member was abused, 
mistreated, nor were and words used that could be construed as harsh or 
demeaning, and this was an overreaction to a benign private e-mail from an 
officer directly to a member. Apparently this single over-reaction resulted 
in a series of over-reactions, and now it seems those overreactions are 
being compounded by dragging this on.

If we are unhappy about things,  let's handle it like adults. I'd bet few of 
us are under 20 years old...so there is no reason to act like we are on a 
playground. Let's support the officers and trust their judgment until they 
have a fair chance to work this all out.

I think a large part of this problem is Internet. Communication is poor so 
far as understanding people at the other end of the keyboard are people. 
This causes us to lose any sense of proper etiquette that civil people 
develop and use when communicating with each other. We just tend to let it 
rip in a way we would never do face-to-face.

We are supposed to be a FRATERNITY, and a group of mature adults who have a 
common interest. As far as I know, that interest is in having fun in radio 
sports, and like drag racing or anything else sports oriented, sportsmanship 
is mostly about how we react when someone one-ups us. Few of us would like 
to have our club or friends portrayed in a derogatory manner because we were 
making an effort to do something we thought was fun or useful. We should 
treat others the same way.

I think it might be time for this to start being an actual team or group 
that works together for a common interest or common goal, and put the 
freedom to behave like 4-year olds where it belongs. Let's all wear our big 
boy and girl shorts, and make ourselves look better by beating the other 
people with class, instead of tearing the other guy down.

In the meantime since no one else seems willing to have any concern for 
being a good sport and treating others as they would like to be treated, 
I'll go on record and say I dislike any group that considers insulting 
others in any form acceptable or sportsmanlike.

I certainly do not want my name associated with telling other people they 
are ripping people off, have a non-working video feed, are lids, and we are 
classy and great. I think the better way to handle competition is to 
actually be classy and be our best selves.

One of the most damaging things that happened to me was when a "team" 
operating at another SECC members house, who I helped endlessly with 
technical help, thought it was OK to post derogatory comments about my 
station on the DX Cluster. I don't know what motivates people to do things 
like that to other people, but the result is never good for anyone. The 
result of publically insulting another group or individual will almost never 
be positive, even if they are in the wrong. Insults should be a last resort, 
not a knee-jerk reaction.

I don't know others feel, but after drag racing and boxing my opinion is 
radio sports should be no different. I think we should be better sportsmen 
than we are behaving at this time.

I personally, if anyone from that team in question reads this reflector, 
would like to say I do not share the opinions that the operation is a poor 
operation by a bunch of classless lids. I appreciate anyone spending their 
money and time to help others. I read everything, and I see nothing that 
indicates they are doing anything but having fun. It costs me about $1.50, 
if the labor is free, to send a card out. I don't think anyone is getting 
rich ripping people off.

73 Tom 

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