[SECC] SECC Discussion

Tommy Alderman aldermant at windstream.net
Mon Oct 18 10:51:08 PDT 2010

I would appreciate it if the discussion and the pure guessing about
'in-fighting' within the SECC could stop. Your continued guessing just means
you're either missing out of some good DX'ing or you're not doing enough
I will tell you that Ralph and Fred and John and myself got along, what I
thought was quite well, THERE WAS NO IN-FIGHTING between any of the four of
us. There is nothing else to tell except what I noted in my resignation
So please stop this rumor milling and please cooperate with the officers of
the SECC, who are trying to help improve the SECC. Further discussion on the
subject would not be worthwhile nor productive.
Tom Alderman - W4BQF

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