[SECC] Run or S&P Mode for new or casual contesters?

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YOU BET!  Good comment Lee.  If 10m is good on  Saturday, that will be the 
place for low power foks to build Qs.  Run  as much as you can on Saturday 
on 10m, gather S&P mults and then move to 20m  on Sunday and be Fresh Meat.
Best - Jere, KT4ZB
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Hi all - My comments are directed to this weeks contest, CQWW  SSB, Low 
Power.  Hopefully, this year things will spread out  some with 15m and 10m in 
better shape.
Search and Pounce is the main mode for Low Power as it  is very difficult 
to establish and keep a run going because of the QRM from  stations on every 
available freq.  Last year 15m was the place for low  power stations to go.  
This year 10m may work for us on the East  Coast.

Often times that's correct, but especially when 10m is good, you can go  
higher in the band and actually maintain a good run rate CQing with low power. 
 Act loud.  It does work!  

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