[SECC] Yahama C-500 phones/mic

Tommy Alderman aldermant at windstream.net
Tue Dec 6 05:17:39 PST 2011

Hi Rich,


Congrats on the CM-500! They are excellent headphones and do not give you
'wet ears' if you use them for hours in a contest.


With the K3, you do not have to use the battery box! My CM-500 is plugged
into the rear of my K3. Then on the K3, select MENU and go to MIC SEL and
set that for rP.L BIAS. If you tap '1', you can select either high or low
gain; if you tap '2', that turns on the bias for the CM-500.


While the CM-500's are excellent headsets, they are somewhat fragile,
especially the headband; I bought a spare for 'just in case', hih. 


Merry Christmas and 73,


Tom - W4BQF



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I just received my C-500s. Got them working with the K3. Had to use the
little battery box, since I am thinking that the mic on the headset was an
electret and requires some DC voltage to work. 

The headset is very comfortable and according to W6LAB whom I worked on 20M
phone this evening I had a great audio signal. Best $45 I ever spent!!
Thanks to all who provided input. 

Rich Arland, K7SZ
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