[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests, SECC Attributed Scores Only

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed May 9 12:33:06 PDT 2012

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  NCCC NS Ladder, 5/4/12
W4OC   42  30  1,260  SOLP  0.5  SC  SECC  SO2R
(I forgot it was Thursday night and missed this one.)

2.  NCCC RTTY Sprint Practice, 5/4/12
W4OC  28  23  644  SOLP  0.5  SC  SECC  SO2R

3.  Indiana QSO Party
Call   CW Q  Ph Q  CW M  Ph M  Score   Category  Time  St  Club
W4UCZ    60     0    55     0   6,600  SO CW LP  __    GA  SECC
K4BAI    32    20    27    16   3,612  SOMix HP   3:06 GA  SECC

4.  New England QSO Party
Call    CW Q  Ph Q  Mul  Score   Category  Time   St  Club
N4PN     236   379   67  57,017  SOMix HP  18     GA  SECC
K4BAI    165    92   59  24,898  SOMix HP  13:01  GA  SECC
N4GG      67     0   33   4,422  SO CW HP   _     GA  SECC  SO2R
K4AMA     44    21   37   4,033  SOMix LP   _     SC  SECC

5.  7 Land QSO Party
Call   CW Q  Ph Q  DigQ  Mul  Score   Category  Time  St  Club
K4BAI   178    91     0   72  51,552  SOMix HP  10:56 GA  SECC
K4AMA    14    13     0   18   1,224  SOMix LP   2    SC  SECC
N4GG     16     0     0   13     624  SO CW HP   _    GA  SECC  SO2R

6.  ARI (Italy) International DX Contest
Call    CW Q  Ph Q  RTTY Q  Mult  Score    Category  Time  St  Club
K4BAI    175    86       0  162   270,054  SOABHPMix 12:14 GA  SECC
WB2RHM/4   0     0     951   93    88,443  SOABHPRTTY 9.5  NC  SECC

Welcome to score reporting WB2RHM/4, Ben of Charlotte, N.C., one of our 
newest SECC members.  Ben is a top RTTY contester and is inside the SECC 
circle and we are proud to have him join us for club aggregate score 
competitions and hopefully for some team contesting in the future.  Ben 
reported QSO points, rather than individual QSOs in the table above.

If it's not obvious, I was in four contest simultaneously, so most of 
the times indicated were divided between the various contests.  Jeff, 
KU8E, was also in the three QSO parties, but used N1MM, which allows you 
to log them all in one file and the sponsors accept them and disregard 
the QSOs not in their contests.  However, this means that N1MM does not 
show a claimed score for any of the individual contests separately from 
the others.

7.  10-10 Club International Spring QSO Party, CW
K4BAI  6  12  SO HP  0:09  GA  SECC

8.  Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint
K4BAI  38  38  SO QRP (Tubby)  2.0  GA  SECC
AA4GA  16  16  SO QRP          _    GA  SECC

9.  CWOps Club CWT Mini Test, 5/9/12, 1300z
K4BAI  64  49  3,136  SO HP  1.0  GA  SECC

This Week's Contests:

1.  CW Ops CWT Mini Test.  0300Z Thursday (Wednesday night local).
160-10M CW.  Exchange:  Name + CWOps # or your SPC if you don't have a 
number.  Look up 28 kHz.

2.  NCCC RTTY Sprint Practice.  0130-0159Z Friday (Thursday night 
local).  15, 20, 40, 80M RTTY.  (Note the addition of 15M this week.)
100W maximum power.  1 kHz QSY rule;  Exchange:  both calls, #, name, 
SPC.  Look up about 80 kHz and spread out.

3.  NCCC Sprint Ladder.  0230-0259Z Friday (Thursday night local).  20, 
40, 80, 160M CW.  100W maximum power.  1 kHz QSY rule.  Exchange:  both 
calls, #, name, SPC.  Look about 40 kHz up and 1815 kHz.

4.  EUCW Fraternizing CW QSO Party.  10-12Z Sat; 18020Z Sun.  80-10M CW. 
  Maximum power 100W.  Exchange:  RST + QTH + Name + Club Name and Club 
# or "NM."  Clubs participating seem to include HSC, FISTS, FOC, UFT, 
GQRP, etc.  Rules say open to "all amateurs" but it seems no one outside 
Europe has submitted a score in recent years, at least.

5.  CQ M International  DX Contest.  12Z Sat to 12Z Sun.  160-10M CW, 
SSB.  Exchange:  RS(T) + serial #.  Work everyone.

6. VOLTA World Wide RTTY Contest.  12Z Sat to 12Z Sun.  80-10M RTTY. 
Exchange:  RST + QSO # + CQ Zone.  Work everyone.

7.  Portuguese Navy Day Contest.  15Z Sat to 15Z Sun.  80-10M CW, SSB.
Exchange: RS(T) + Serial #.

8.  Nevada Mustange Roundup.  17Z Sat to 17Z Sun.  160-6M CW, SSB, 
Digital.  Exchange:  RS(T) + SPC or NV county.

9.  FISTS CW Club Spring Sprint.  17-21Z Sat.  80-10M CW.  Maximum 
power: 100W.  Exchange:  RST + SPC + Name + FISTS# or power.

10.  50 mHz Sprint Sprint.  23Z Sat to 03Z Sun.  6M.  Exchange:  Six 
character grid square. (If you don't know what this is, check the 
"details" on your QRZ.COM listing.)

11.  Straight Key Century Club Weekend Sprintathon.  24 hours of Sunday 
UTC.  160-6M CW.  Use a mechanical key, hand key, bug or sideswiper. 
Exchange:  RST + SPC + Name + SKCC# or "none."

Looks like something for everyone this weekend.  Hope everyone has a 
nice week and weekend and a lot of QSOs and fun on the air.

73, John, K4BAI.

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