[SECC] 75th Anniversary Awards for QSOs in May 2013 with FOC Members

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Tue Jan 8 14:55:14 EST 2013

Please help FOC celebrate our 75th anniversary in May, 2013.

To commemorate this milestone the club is planning a month-long 
operating event and we're hoping that you will make a special effort to 
get on the air and spread the celebration.

The club has applied for permission to use the special callsign G75FOC 
in May and we encourage the use of similar
special calls in the various parts of the UK, e.g. in Scotland the call 
would be GS75FOC, in Wales it would be GC75FOC,
etc.  We are also encouraging all members who hold "FOC" suffix calls, 
e.g. W3FOC, VE6FOC, VQ5FOC, to use them in May and,
if possible, to make them available to other members in the appropriate 
call areas to use during that month.  (Roger, G3SXW has volunteered to 
schedule an operating rota for G75FOC, but I'm sure he'd welcome someone 
else to volunteer to handle this).

We’d like to have as many FOC calls on the air as many days as possible 
because we're planning to issue a special FOC 75th Anniversary Award for 
QSOs with members, and the FOC calls will be a big part of this. Points 
will be awarded for QSOs and Art, KZ5D has designed a really nice 
certificate that will be emailed to those who achieve various point levels.

Points will be earned as follows:

  QSO with FOC member: 1 point	 QSO with FOC member: 1 point
  QSO with non-member: 3 points	 QSO with FOC member lasting 10 minutes 
or longer: 3 points
  QSO with FOC suffix station: 5 points 	 QSO with FOC suffix station: 5 
  QSO with G75FOC: 10 points 	 QSO with G75FOC: 10 points

One QSO allowed per station per band. All bands are allowed but QSOs 
must be CW, of course.

The award will be issued to stations in three levels: bronze for 
obtaining 15 points, silver for 30 points and gold for 50 points.
Bob, G4HZV has volunteered to handle log submissions from non-members, 
(and our usual no-log point totals from members), which will be sent to 
a special email address: foc.75years at gmail.com. Art, KZ5D will send 
those who qualify their certificates via email, which will also include 
a few lines about the history of FOC.  The club is also considering 
awarding plaques to the member and non-member with the highest point 
totals.  (Of course, QSOs in May will still be eligible for all of the 
usual awards such as Windle, etc).

Members who hold xxxFOC calls: please put them on the air as much as 
possible and, if you're willing, allow others to use your xxxFOC call 
when you're not. (You should schedule use of your own call to avoid 
conflicts and to arrange any personal logging requirements). Logs from 
these calls will be sent to Bob for cross-checking.

We will be sending a news release about the anniversary celebration to 
ham publications and web sites and could use some translation help. 
Members willing to translate the release and send it to publications in 
non-English speaking countries should contact Ed, KR3E as soon as 
possible. We will also publicise this event on the public section of 

Other anniversary-related events may be held during 2013 and the 
Committee would welcome any suggestions.


The Committee

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