[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests, SECC Attributed Scores Only

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed Jan 9 14:54:31 EST 2013

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  NCCC NS Ladder, 1/4/13
W4OC   45  35  1,575  SO LP  .5  SC  SECC  SO2R
K4BAI  37  23    851  SO LP  :22 GA  SECC

2.  ARRL Round Up
Call   QSOs  S/P  DX   Score    Category  Time  St  Club  Misc
WB2RHM  720   57   54   79,920  SO LP     23.5  NC  SECC
W4UK    625   52   43   59,375  SO HP     20.6  SC  SECC
AA4LR   301   48   18   19,866  SO LP      8.1  GA  SECC

3.  January Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint
K4BAI   24                  24  SO QRP 5W 30#+ 2.0  GA  SECC
AA4GA   13                  13  SO QRP 5W .58# 1.0  GA  SECC

4.  CWOps Club CWT Mini Test, 1300Z, 1/9/13
K4BAI   44  36  1,584  SO HP    0:39 GA  SECC

This Week's Contests:

1.  CWOps Club CWT Mini Tests.  0300-0400Z Thurs (Wed night local). 
160-10M CW.  Exchange:  Name, CWOps# or SPC.  Look around 028 kHz on 
each band.

2.  Thursday 80M QRP Fox Hunts.  0200-0330Z Friday (Thurs night local). 
  3550-3570 kHz.  Two QRP Foxes will be working in that section of the 
80M band.  One is our own WA4ILO, Jim, in Macon, GA and the other is 
Greg, AB7R, in WA.  Jim should be easy unless we get long skip, which we 
haven't seen much of this winter.  AB7R will be harder, but usually 
workable even from WA.  5W max power.  Work only the two QRP Foxes.

3.  NCCC NS Ladder.  0230-0259Z Fri (Thurs night local).  20, 40, 80, 
160M.  100W maxmimum power.  One kHz QSY rule.  Exchange:  both calls, 
#, name, SPC.  There is a slow speed SNS with the same rules from 
0200-0220Z except no 160M.  Keep speed under 18 WPM until 0210Z and 
under 26 WPM for the last ten minutes.  There is also an RTTY Sprint 
practice from 0130-0159Z on 20, 40, and 80M with same rules.  Look aroud 
040 kHz for CW and around 080 kHz for RTTY.

4.  Straight Key Century Club Weekend Sprintathon.,  12Z Sat to 2359Z 
Sun.  Maximum 24 hours operation.  Use mechanical keys only.  160-6M CW. 
  Exchange:  RST, Name, SPC, SKCC# or "None."  Extra points for working 
Centurians and Tribunes. This month, to celebrate the SKCC anniversary, 
there will be a lot of K3Y/x stations QRV.  K4BAI will be using K3Y/4 
for the last six hours of WES, 1800-2359Z Sunday.

5.  Michigan QRP Club January CW Contest.  12Z Sat to 2359Z Sun.  160-6M 
CW.  Exchange:  RST, SPC, MiQRP# or power.  Run 5W or less for awards. 
Look around usual QRP frequencies:  3560, 7030, 7040, 14060, 21060, 28060.

6.  UK DX Contest, RTTY.  12Z Sat to 1159Z Sun.  80-10M RTTY.  Exchange: 
RST + QSO# or UK area code.

7.  Worldwide Peace Messenger Cities Contest. 1800Z Sat to 0600Z Sun. 
80-10M CW.  Exchange:  RST + CQ Zone or PMC Abbreviation.

8.  North American QSO Party, CW.  1800Z Sat to 0600Z Sun.  10 hours 
maximum for single ops.  160-10M CW.  Teams of 2 to 5 members may be 
preregistered.  Mults count per band.  Exchange:  Name + S/P/C for NA 
stations and just name for DX.  (If your logging program insists on 
something in the mult line, use "DX" for stations outside North 
America.)  SECC, GCG, and ACG are forming teams for NAQP CW, SSB, and 
RTTY.  Contact K4BAI for SECC, KU8E for GCG, and WA1FCN for ACG teams. 
For CW, please contact them immediately so the teams can be formed and 
registered before the start of the contest period.  KU8E will be guest 
op at WW4LL for this contest.  Look for C6AVA (K6VVA, Rick) to be QRV.

9.  Tuesday 40M QRP Fox Hunt. Same as rules for 40M on Thursday nights. 
  Except different foxes and frequencies are 7030 to 7050 kHz.

10.  NAQCC SK/Bug Sprint.  0130-0330Z Thurs (Wed night Jan 16 local). 
80-20M CW.  5W maximum power.  Exchange:  RST + SPC + NAQCC# or power. 
Multiply score by 2 for SK and by 1 1/2 for bug.  K4BAI will again be 
using K3Y/4 in this sprint.

11.  Locust QSO Party.  0200-0300Z Thurs (Wed night Jan 16 local). 
40/80M CW.  Power limits depend on antenna.  See complete rules at: 
http://www.k6vva.com/lqp.  Look around 040 kHz on each band.  40M from 
0200 through 0229Z and 80M from 0230 through 0259Z.  Extra points for 
QSOs with K6VVA and two secret swarmers, who will give their names as 
"Locust."  Special requirements for your Cabrillo header (see rules). 
Nice prices (NCJ subscriptions) for winners.

Hope everyone has a nice week and weekend and a lot of QSOs.  NAQP CW 
will be a lot of fun!

73, John, K4BAI.

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