[SECC] Claiemd Scores, Last Week's Contests; SECC Attriubed Scores Only

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed Jan 16 11:20:40 EST 2013

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  CWOps Club Mini Test, 1/9/13 1300Z
K4BAI   44  36  1,584  SO HP  0:39  GA  SECC

2. CWOps Club Mini Test, 1/10/13 0300Z
K4BAI   90  68  6,120  SO HP  0:50  GA  SECC

3.  NCCC NS Ladder, 1/11/13
W4OC    54  42  2,268  SO LP   .5   SC  SECC  SO2R
K4BAI   46  30  1,380  SO LP   .5   GA  SECC

4.  Michigan QRP Club January Contest
K4BAI    3   3     24  SO QRP 0:17  GA  SECC

5.  SKCC January Weekend Sprintathon (WES)
K3Y/4  120  37  5,020  SO HP  5:48  GA  SECC  By K4BAI
NN4K    16  14    373  SO LP  _     GA  SECC

7.  NCJ North American QSO Party CW
W4OC   947 250 236,750 SO LP  9:51  SC  SECC
K4BAI  922 238 219,436 SO LP 10     GA  SECC SECC#1
N4XL   632 192 121,344 SO LP  9.7   SC  SECC SECC#1
AA4LR  551 165  90,915 SO LP 10     GA  SECC SECC#1
K2SX   374 145  54,230 SO LP  5.25  SC  SECC SECC#2
W5JR   325 119  38,675 SO LP  8     GA  SECC SECC#1  SO2R
K4AMA  234 106  24,804 SO LP  8     SC  SECC
AA4GA  200  90  18,000 SO QRP 7     GA  SECC KX3
W4DD   126  61   7,686 SO LP  4     GA  SECC SECC#2
K4EOR   95  65   6,175 SO LP 10     GA  SECC SECC#2
AD4J   106  55   5,830 SO LP  2.5   GA  SECC SECC#2
W4MJA  101  57   5,757 SO LP  2:10  GA  SECC SECC#1
NM2L    90  39   3,510 SO LP  1.5   GA  SECC SECC#2
AE4O    50  36   1,800 SO LP  1.5   GA  SECC
N4TOL   52  32   1,664 SO LP  2     GA  SECC

This Week's Contests:

1.  NAQCC SK/Bug Sprint.  Thurs 0130-0330Z (Wed night local).  80-20M 
CW.  5W maximum power.  Exchange:  RST + SPC + NAQCC# or power. Multiply 
score by 2 for SK and by 1 1/2 for bug.  K4BAI will be QRV using K3Y/4, 
the SKCC anniversary call.

2.  Locust QSO Party.  0200-0259Z Thurs (Wed night local).  First half 
hour on 40 and second half hour on 80.  Maximum power depends on 
antenna.  See rules.  Exchange:  Name + QTH Abbreviation for NA stations 
and "DX: for stations outside NA.  Bonus points for QSOs with K6VVA and 
two secret swarmers who will be giving the name "Locust" in their 
exchange.  Nice prizes for several categories. Look around 7040 and 3540 

3.  80M QRP Fox Hunt.  Friday 0100-0230Z (Thurs night local).  3550-3570 
kHz.  2 QRP Foxes to be worked.  Exchange:  RST, SPC, Name, Power.

4.  NCCC NS Ladder.  Friday 0230-0259Z (Thurs night local).  160-20M CW. 
100W maximum power.  One kHz QSY rule.  Exchange:  both calls, #, name, 
SPC. Look around 1815 kHz and up 040 kHz on the other bands.

5.  LZ Open Contest.  0000-0400Z Sat (Friday night local).  80-40M CW. 
Exchange:  3 digit serial # plus 3 digit serial # received from previous 
QSO.  So you send "001000" for to your first contact.  Duplicate QSOs 
with the same station on the same band may be made after 30 minutes has 
elapsed.  Work everyone.  But the only QSOs counted for credit are where 
both logs have been received, so be sure to send in a log if you work 

6.  YL ISSB QSO Party, SSB.  48 hours of weekend UTC.  All contest 
bands, SSB.  Exchange:  RS + Name + SPC + YLISSB# if you have one.

7.  Hungarian DX Contest.  12Z Sat to 1159Z Sun.  160-10M CW, SSB. 
Exchange:  RS(T) + Serial # or HA 2 letter county abbreviation.  Work 
everyone.  Use of PKT cluster is OK.  There is usually a lot of activity 
in this one, particularly on CW.

8.  NCJ North American QSO Party, SSB.  18Z Sat to 06Z Sun (10 maximum 
for single ops).  160-10M SSB.  Exchange:  Name + SPC for NA stations 
and Name only for stations outside NA.  (Except HI counts as a state for 
a mult even though it is outside NA.)  There will be a M/2 team at WW4LL 
for this one.  Team competition.  Contact K4BAI for a SECC team, WW4LL 
for a GCG team, and WA1FCN for an ACG team.

9.  ARRL January VHF Contest.  19Z Sat to 0359Z Mon.  50 mHz and up. 
Exchange: 4 character grid square.  There have been a lot of good spots 
on 6M recently and there will be a lot of 6M activity in this one if the 
band opens again.

10.  Flying Pigs QRP Club January Run for the Bacon.  0200-0400Z Mon 
(Sun night local).  160-10M CW.  5W maximum power.  Exchange: RST + SPC 
+ FP# or power.

11.  Straight Key Century Club January Sprint.  0000-0200Z Wed (Tuesday 
night local).  160-10M CW.  Use a mechanical key.  Exchange:  RST + Name 
+ SPC + SKCC# or "none."  Look around 050 kHz on bands above 160M.

12.  40M QRP Fox Hunt.  Tuesday night local, Wed 0200-0330Z.  Same rules 
as for 80M Fox Hunt on Thursday except 7030-7050 kHz two and different 

13.  CWOps Club, CWT Mini Tests.  Wednesday, 1300Z, 1900Z and 0300Z 
(Thursday UTC) for one hour each.  160-10M CW.  Exchange:  Name + CWOps# 
or SPC.  Look around 028 kHz.

Hope everyone has a good week and weekend and a lot of fun QSOs. Band 
conditions (with the possible exception of 10 meters) have been 
excellent the past few days.

73, John, K4BAI.

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