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Thanks for the fine writeup.  Looking forward to NAQP; but will not be  on 
80m as antenna is waiting installation of new switch box.
Good hunting - Jere
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Good  luck to everyone in NAQP SSB tomorrow.

Here are a few thoughts that may  help the single ops.  Remember the 10 
hour limit and be sure that  your off times are at least 30 minutes. 
Wait 31 minutes if you have any  question about how to count the off time.

If we have some pattern to  our band selections, it may help us work each 
other and get the nearby  mults on most bands.  May I suggest the following:

Remember that  you cannot use packet spots and be single op (and only 
single ops can be  on a team) and that the power limit for all stations 
is 100W.  Try to  run in the General Class band at least some because 
there will be some,  particularly newer ops, who cannot operate in the 
Extra Class bands. As a  reminder, Generals can operate above 3800, 7175, 
14225, and 21275 and  Technicians cannot operate above 28500.

The multipliers for this  contest remain unchanged.  (Meaning that ON is 
just one mult and not  broken into four as it is for SS.)  Multipliers 
are States, Canadian  areas as specified in the rules, and DXCC countries 
in North  America.  Exchange is Name and S/P/C for NA stations and only 
Name  for DX stations outside NA.  It may be that your logging program  
won't accept only a name.  If so, put "DX" in the section  window.  (You 
can delete the "DX" in your Cabrillo file with a text  editor.  I usually 
do this, but I doubt that leaving it in would hurt  your score.)

10M on the hour during the day.  Check the band at  least once an hour 
and work anyone you can find there.  Try  running.  If we get a good 
opening, particularly Es, running can be  productive even from our part 
of the country.

15M on the half hour  during the day and until the band seems dead.

20M is a bread and  potatoes band so be running on 20M during the day 
whenever your rates on  10 and 15 are low and when you don't find mults 
to work on the higher  bands.

40M activity may start early, but you will probably be able to  make rate 
there during the hours of darkness, so don't abandon 20 too  early.  It 
is a good idea to run on 40 for at least a short while  during the latter 
part of the afternoon to get the close in multipliers  before the band 
goes long.

80M and 160M.  May I suggest 80M on  the hour and 160M on the half hour 
during the hours of  darkness.

Moving stations.  Remember that multipliers count per  band.  If someone 
asks you to QSY to another band or to look for  their second station on 
another band and you have a station that can  easily change bands, 
consider doing so even if it won't be a new  multiplier.  As a general 
rule, unless it a buddy of yours who is  running, it is a waste of time 
to ask a station who is running to give up  his run frequency to move to 
another band to give you a multiplier.   AL, FL and GA mults will be easy 
enough to get by running.  SC and MS  stations might get better response 
if those mults are rare.  But, if  you are running and need the mult of a 
caller on another band where  propagation is likely possible, try to get 
the other station to QSY to the  other band.  I'd guess that about half 
of the stations you ask will  agree to try the other band and you will 
actually make contact with most  of those.  You should keep a note of 
frequencies on the other bands  that may be relatively open for such 
QSYs. Often frequencies higher in the  bands or maybe very low in the 
band if the other station has an Extra  Class license.  You can't tell 
about that by call signs for sure, but  they are some indication.

To the extent you can consistent with your  health and family or work 
obligations, keep your BIC for as long as  possible (up to 10 hours).

When you submit your score to 3830, include  your club (it's good 
advertising).  You should also include the club  in the header to your 
Cabrillo file, just to keep in the habit. Show your  team, if you are on 
one, on your 3830 submission.  There will be a  pull down selection for 
any registered team.  There is no need to  show the team in the Cabrillo 
header.  You may do so, but the Robot  will disregard it. The 
pre-registered teams are matched with the final  scores by the sponsors.
Upload your log as required by the rules and do so  as soon as possible. 
There is a 14 day deadline, but that will change to 7  days after this 
running of the NAQPs.

Good luck and much fun to  all.  Operate as much as you can even if you 
are not on a  team.

73, John,  K4BAI.

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