[SECC] NAQP SSBContest - Score Correction. Team #2

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Mon Jan 21 10:26:57 EST 2013

That happens fairly often.  It happened to two of us in the CW NAQP.  It 
is not the thing to do to delete any QSO. The Robot will stop counting 
when you reach 10 hours (or whatever the max time is) but will use the 
rest for cross checking logs.  If you deleted them, the other guys would 
get no credit.  You can, but don't need to, re determine your score for 
the Claimed Score portion of the Cabrillo header and for 3830.  That's 
what I did last week when I ran over 10 minutes.  I left them all in the 
log, but subtracted the last 8 QSOs and two multipliers to show myu 
claimed score.  You need not show a claimed score in the header at all, 
so it is OK if you show the score as it comes from the computer.  Off 
times in NAQP must be 30 minutes and it may be that Tony had one that 
was only 29 minutes by mistake.  No real problem, but his score will be 
a little less than claimed.  73, John, K4BAI.

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