[SECC] AD8J/6 CQP Score

John Getz johngetz24 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 19:09:14 EDT 2013

           California QSO Party

Call: AD8J/6
Operator(s): AD8J
Station: AD8J/6

Class: SOCntyExp LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:    0      0
   80:  127     90
   40:  191     65
   20:  244     70
   15:  288     66
   10:   13      4
    6:    0      0
    2:    0      0
Total:  863    295  Mults = 57  Total Score = 181,203

Club: South East Contest Club


I've always wanted to operate the CQP from CA so this was my big chance.  This
was a two week vacation with the XYL and we did a lot of hiking in the
mountains.  For the last week we rented a house at 7,000' in ALPINE County and
I put up dipoles for each band and used a TS-480SAT barefoot.  Everything
worked fine except the 10 meter antenna so I missed the nice opening on 10
meters, which hurt the score. In hindsight, I should have worked on the 10
meter dipole during the two hours on Sunday morning when the bands took a big
dive.  My overall observation from CA is that the big guns on the East Coast
were still big guns while the little pistols may have been a bit weaker than
I'm used to hearing while operating mobile in the East Coast state contests.  I
was disappointed that I only got to work one JA.  I was expecting to hear tons
of them.  Anyway, it was a fun trip and CA puts on a nice QSO party.

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John Getz
24 Stony Ridge
Asheville, NC  28804

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