[SECC] W1AW/4 QRP Fox Tonight on 80M

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Thu Feb 6 08:02:40 EST 2014

Hello all:

I will be W1AW/4 HIRAM GA in the 80M QRP Fox Hunt tonight. The other Fox 
is AC7A, TOM, AZ.  It runs 0200-0330Z Friday, which is Thursday night 
local.  The two foxes will be hiding between 3550 and 3570 kHz.  
Exchange is RST, SPC, Name, Power.  You can work only the two Foxes.  I 
will be using my FT1000MP at 5W output and a coax fed 80M dipole in an 
inverted vee configuration with the apex at about 55 feet.  I will start 
out listening up about one kHz and will indicate that by sending CQ FOX 
DE W1AW/4 UP.  After the pile up dies down, I will be listening simplex 
and will stop sending UP.  Work only the two foxes and run no more than 
5W. Remember that spotting is not permitted in this hunt even if the fox 
is using a special call.  73/72, John, K4BAI.

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