[SECC] Ice Storm Pax in Middle Ga

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed Feb 12 08:11:15 EST 2014

Looks like we may be OK in Columbus.  Schools are closed.  We have had a 
lot of rain.  But, the current prediction is that the low tomorrow 
morning will be only 31.  If that is the case, we may avoid major 
antenna, tree, and power line damage here.  But, it appears to have shot 
my chance to get to Raleigh.  I was to speak to the PVRC club there on 
Thursday night and operate the weekend contest at N4AF/NY4A with my 
college roommate K4QPL.  I am planning to e-mail Jim my Power Point 
presentation and a narration in case the club can actually meet.  They 
are encouraging me to continue to try to get there by Friday, but it 
doesn't seem likely to me.  Delta has already canceled hundreds of 
flights.  I will probably have to cancel, but can rebook without 
penalty, so may use the ticket for Dayton, which is the next trip that I 
haven't purchased a ticket for yet.

We have canceled court hearings in our Macon court room, but Columbus is 
still on for today. Since I had planned to be out of town Thursday and 
Friday, nothing is scheduled here for those days.

Hope everyone comes out of this storm OK without major damage and 
everyone is safe.

Rick:  What are you doing about flying to your work location for this 

73, John.

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