[SECC] NAQP CW strategy Jan 2015

Kevan Nason knason00 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 07:24:58 EST 2015

Many of you have been more active lately than I so I'm
sure you have a better feel for what the bands have been
like. Been thinking more lately on how many successful
people say to have a band plan and how I don't do very
well at that. My normal plan is "spin the dial a lot and
run when you can"

Other than start on the highest band open and stay there
as long as you keep up a decent rate, does anyone care
to share their thoughts/experiences?  For example, when
had 40 started to open to the west coast? Has anyone heard
the rarer Canadians on where/when have they been showing
up? etc. I've read several comments (W4AN was one) that
say stay on 20 and 40 as long as possible saving 80/160 for
the last couple hours.


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