[SECC] Peanut Power Sprint - today SUNDAY at 4PM-6PM EDT

Jim Stafford w4qo at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 27 10:46:58 EDT 2015

*This is Georgia and we like our peanuts....
And it's time*for - the unique*Peanut Power Sprint*from
4PM to 6PM EDT TODAY (SUNDAY) (2000-2200z)

For full rules:http://nogaqrp.org/PeanutPower/rules.pdf


Even if you do not have a Peanut Power Number (PPN), you can still play!
www.byjimeny.com/PPN2015.pdf <http://www.byjimeny.com/PPN2015.pdf>if you 
forgot your number.
The PDF fits on ONE page for easy reference and even check off!

Most folks start on*20M*but try*15M*halfway thru, then
the dash to the finish on*40M*... but play and have fun.
Suggested freqs: up 61 khz CW and up 285 khz SSB.  Check
for 1 watters between 14058 to 14061. Try SSB on the half

Multipliers count on each band and each mode so*band/mode**
**hopping can yield your highest score*.  7 QSO points for Peanuts
and 3 QSO points for non-nuts.  Use any logging program you
wish, even paper, but DO*_NOT_***SEND LOGS.  And remember, you
do*not*have to submit an entry to play and have fun.

Call*CQ NUT*to attract attention. Exchange:*RST-SPC-PPN*(or power
followed by W as in 3W)

Entries: Submit entry by email topete at nogaqrp.org 
<mailto:pete at nogaqrp.org>by Oct. 15.  DO*_NOT_*
SEND LOGS!  To figure your score, use the form on this page:

For scoring, send only*QSO points + Total Mults + Total Score + Callsign 
+ Category*
Category maximum power:
*Goober*– 1w (2w PEP SSB) output power or less – Portable – This is 
the*Prestige Peanut Power Class!*
Salted – 5w (10w PEP SSB) output power or less - Portable (Portable is 
outside on a temporary antenna)
Boiled – 1w (2w PEP SSB) output power or less – Home Station (or a BASE 
type station, for example)
Roasted – 5w (10w PEP SSB) output power or less – Home Station
Raw – Over 5w (over 10w PEP SSB) output power – Home or Portable (<100 
watts please)

If you have difficulty figuring score, send PETE a note with questions. 
_/If you/__/
/__/are a category leader and a number of other reasons, we may ask for 
a copy/__/
/__/of your log to be sent so keep it handy until final results are 

But also, with your entry, send photos, soapbox comments, your
story, etc.  If you used the NEW 1 WATTER from W8DIZ, please
tell us so we can make a note in the scores!

Plaques awarded to category winners where minimum 3 entries are submitted.

Get set for the greatest spectacle in QRP RACING! *The Peanut Power 

Jim (PETE) Stafford W4QO Roswell, GA USA
QRP ARCI  #6515www.qrparci.org <http://www.qrparci.org/>
NoGaQRP - Peanut #1 -www.nogaqrp.org <http://www.nogaqrp.org/>
G-QRP#7388 MI-QRP#697 SKCC#1281 FP#21

QRP- When QRO is simply not enough (fun)!


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